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The Sharp Collar is a device that provides a full collar support, keeping your shirt collar crisp and upright. The Sharp Collar is a new patented design that combines collar stays with a supporting strip around your entire collar. It adjusts to your style and keeps your shirt looking sharp all day long.



The Sharp Collar patented design was invented to help men stay sharp in dress and casual shirts. It takes the traditional collar stays to the next level, supporting the entire shirt collar and preventing it from laying flat, especially when wearing a jacket.

The Sharp Collar is a great product for your customers.  It is flexible and adjustable to fit most shirt sizes, and it will fit all your customers' desired look.

This product is a great point-of-sale item. It will get your customers' attention, as there is nothing like it on the market. The Sharp Collar makes a great gift idea, which will generate revenue, keeping your customers coming back to your store.

The Sharp Collar will help sell your shirts too...

As a retailer, you can use our product on your mannequins. The Sharp Collar will allow you to easily display your shirts in different looks, without the hassle of using pins.  The adjustable and flexible design of our product will allow you to display your shirts in ways that would be difficult to achieve otherwise. Displaying your shirts in ways that are attractive to your customers will increase your sales too. 

For inquiries about how to add The Sharp Collar in your store, please contact us at, call us at (216) 30SHARP (307-4277) or click the button below. We would love to hear from you.