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The Sharp Collar is a device that provides a full collar support, keeping your shirt collar crisp and upright. The Sharp Collar is a new patented design that combines collar stays with a supporting strip around your entire collar. It adjusts to your style and keeps your shirt looking sharp all day long.



Can I wear The Sharp Collar with a tie?

It will be difficult to unfold your shirt collar to add a tie, as The Sharp Collar is designed to keep your shirt collar in place without wearing a tie. When wearing a tie, I would still recommend using the traditional metal collar stays.

Will The Sharp Collar fit all shirt sizes?

The patented design of The Sharp Collar allows the collar stays to slide and to adjust their angle to fit most shirt sizes. The Sharp Collar will fit all Medium (15.0-15.5) and Large (16.0-16.5) sizes. It will fit most X-Large (17.0-17.5) and some Small (14.5) and some XX-Large (18) sizes. Sizing will depend on the shirt manufacturer and the angle of the collar stays' pockets.

Based on demand, we will consider making The Sharp collar in additional sizes. 

What is the length of the collar stays?

We are using the most commonly used size: 2.5 inches. Based on demand, we will consider making The Sharp Collar in different collar stays sizes.

What are the available colors?

The Sharp Collar is available in Stainless Steel with a sandblast finish.  

Will The Sharp Collar pass airport security or TSA?

I have personally traveled multiple times through different airports while wearing The Sharp Collar and I was never stopped or asked about it, even though it is made out of stainless steel grade 430, which is magnetic.

Which side of the collar stays should be used?

You can use either side, but when inserting the device into your shirt (step 2 of the instructions), the preferred way is to face the engraved logo down.

What is your return policy?

We provide a 30 day return policy, less shipping cost. Simply return the device in its original packaging, including the invoice. Once we receive the device, a refund will be applied to your credit card.